General calculation methods according DINV ENV 1992-1-2 (EC 2) for columns, bending members and other building structures

The general calculation methods consider the specifications of DINV ENV 1992-1-2 (incl. NAD) for the physical and mechanical high temperature behaviour of construction materials during thermo-mechanical loads. The application of the standardized temperature history curve allows a classification in fire resistance classes according to DIN 4102. In the calculation it is also possible to use temperature curves from reality or curves created with parameters.


Bild: Isothermen in einem Rechteckquerschnitt bei... Bild: Physikalische Hochtemperaturkennwerte (Thermische... Bild: Stahlbetonbalken mit Aussparung; Ansicht u.... Bild: Thermisch-mechanische Analyse einer elastisch... Bild: Mechanische Hochtemperaturkennwerte (mechanische... Bild: Isothermenberechnung einer Stütze bei...

The application of the hot design following the Euro code can bring considerable advantages for the client. More economic constructions (mostly also more slender) can result for new buildings and for renovations considerable savings are possible with avoiding extensive measures for strengthening, downtimes or deconstruction measures.


REF 20-1: Explanation of the calculation principe - 362 kB