Uptown Munich

Business center next to the Olympic park in Munich with multistoried building, four 8-store office buildings and an underground parking garage with approx. 790 parking bays


Bild: Ansicht Uptown München Bild: Ansicht Uptown München Bild: Architekten-Visualisierung Uptown und Campus... Bild: Architekten-Visualisierung Campus Gebäude Bild: Übersichtsplan Bild: Schnitt durch das Gebäude Bild: Schnitt durch das FE-Gesamtmodell Uptown Bild: FE-Gesamtmodell Uptown Bild: Verlegung der Bewehrung Bild: Blick auf das Campus Gebäude während der... Bild: Blick auf das Campus Gebäude während der... Bild: Uptown während der Bauphase Bild: Passage zwischen den Campus Gebäuden

Verwaltungsges. mbH
Project office Munich
Riesstr. 17, 80992 Munich

Ingenhoven, Overdiek und Partner Duesseldorf


Testing of structural engineering and constructional supervision

Illustration of the structure of the approx. 147 m high multistoried building (3 basements and 38 upper floors) as a complex spatial and universal computer model with approx. 55000 elements for computation of the complex interaction of all construction units inclusive building ground as well as various (even nonlinear and time-dependent) effects.
For example the redistribution of stress due to plasticity and creep at the highly stressed corners of the main supporting tube was examined under consideration of the deformation of the very thick foundation slab.
Furthermore the temporal progress of the construction with consideration of creep effects was simulated as well as the effect of a failure of certain supports in the case of emergency (e.g. impact of an airplane).